Castle Infinity Uncategorized Wedding Arch Hire – A Modern Way to Decorate the Ceremony Hall

Wedding Arch Hire – A Modern Way to Decorate the Ceremony Hall

wedding arch hire

An elegant centre piece for large weddings with its glossy white metal arch. The wedding arch hire is made of powder coated steel tubes and when assembled, measures 101cm in height and 160cm in width. The arch supports are provided at the centre and are available in different sizes. A variety of styles and materials are also available in this service. These include; classic round arch, traditional rectangular round arch, romantic heart shaped arch and the modern square arch.

How to find A Modern best Way to Decorate the Ceremony Hall

Wedding arch is an essential part of the wedding decoration and an addition to wedding venue decorations. It is a unique piece of ornament that is functional as well. The choice of the appropriate arch depends upon the type of wedding. White tubular metal wedding arch is generally hired assembled and comes in graceful sections. Each segment snaps together easily and smoothly.

The most appealing thing about wedding arch hire is the fact that it can be hired for almost any style of wedding ceremony. Whether it is a small or large wedding ceremony, this is an ornament that will add style as well as grace to the ceremony. The round arch made of gold or silver that is adorned with crystals will make your wedding ceremony more charming and beautiful. It adds an element of formality and style to the ceremony. It gives a modern touch to the old age wedding ceremony and also makes it a memorable one for everyone.

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