The Flavors and Tastes of Mediterranean Dining with Da Bistro Mediterranean Grill

Mediterranean cuisine is known and enjoyed by people all over the world. The triad of ingredients olive oil, bread, and wine immediately come to mind. The simplicity of these basic ingredients are then punctuated by rich and flavourful spices like cumin, paprika, saffron, pepper, and turmeric. Dried fruits, lemon, cinnamon, and mint are likewise common ingredients used in Mediterranean cooking. 

These exotic flavors can be found and sampled in restaurants like Da Bistro Mediterranean Grill in PA. The menu in this unique restaurant presents dishes that showcase the combination of sweet and savory and the simplicity of ingredients in this cuisine.

A Fresh Start

Da Bistro Mediterranean Grill’s lunch menu gives you a variety of salads to start your gustatory adventure. Pick the Mediterranean Salad with homemade Bresaola and the Soup of the Day if you just want a light lunch. Enjoy the beautiful contrast of the sweet and tart flavors of plum tomatoes, red onions, and black olives with the saltiness of the Bresaola. 

You can try the Bello Salad if you want to have the meaty flavor in a meatless plate. This salad packs a punch with roasted Portobello mushrooms, artichokes, and peppers atop a bed of baby spinach balanced by creamy goat cheese. 

Filling Lunch Fare

There’s a variety of paninis and flatbreads on the menu of this restaurant. They come with your choice of sides including couscous, grilled veggies, French fries, rosemary potatoes and potato chips. Try the Melenzano Panini for a garlicky vegetarian lunch. 

The Chicken Gyro and the Lamb Shawarma are great choices for lunch too. Both are flavored with Mediterranean spices, served with lettuce and diced tomatoes and onions, and generously drizzled with Tzatziki sauce. 

Sweet Endings

Everybody loves baklava so it would be a shame not to try it when you visit Da Bistro. It’s the perfect cap to end your Mediterranean lunch. All the flavors that you’ve just enjoyed will surely put an extra spring to your step as you go through the rest of your day. 

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