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Riffle Range

Riffle Range

Riffle range is the shooting range name given to the practice of shooting a single shot from a longbow (with a rifled barrel) at a very high rate of fire. Many of the old world archers would swear by this method as a way to compensate for poor shooting conditions, such as low wind, and to learn more about archery. In this way the archer can shoot more shots in less time, with a high chance of hitting the mark. Today this practice is still widely used across the world, and it has been given a popular name of “rifle range.” In North America, many large public hunting areas have incorporated this into their hunting requirements, and for good reason.


The best of these rifles (typically between twenty-five hundred and three thousand rounds) are usually owned by large specialty stores that own the largest number of rifled barrels in the land. Typically, these stores will have to rent the large rifled barrels when they get them, which explains why they are so large. However, if you do go to a rental place, you will get a much cheaper rate than if you bought one on your own, due to the lower number of owners, and the lower cost of the material. You will be able to find anything from youth oriented models through to older, high-end models. It all just depends on what you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for a great place to hunt your favorite game with an accurate, safe shot, then the rifled barrel range in Charlotte is the place to go to. Some may already own a rifle, but if not, renting or borrowing a rifle from a friendly neighbor might be a good idea. You’ll be surprised how much better your accuracy will be with a new, rifled barrel.

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