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Pre-Employment Drug Testing and Pre-Employment Alcohol Screening

Urine Low Cost Drug test is a necessary component of monitoring pregnant women who are receiving long term narcotic treatment, and for women receiving long-term benzodiazepine or prescription stimulant medication. Recently, there have been increased instances in which patients undergoing long-term therapy with these types of medications have presented with symptoms consistent with substance abuse and addiction. Unfortunately, these same symptoms often act as warning signs for more severe issues such as substance abuse and addiction, leading to further difficulties and an even greater need for testing. It is now widely accepted that substance abuse and addiction require special legal standards and considerations, so it is crucial that the cost of drug testing be carefully weighed against the benefits to society and the patient.

Drug Testing – Why It’s More Cost Effective Than Many Other Procedures

Drug testing has evolved into many different procedures over the years. Initially, blood and urine drug tests were the only methods available, but recently newer procedures such as hair testing and hair specimen collection have become commonplace practice. While blood and urine drug tests have been shown to be very accurate, recent advances in hair testing provide even more accurate results with less contamination. While it is important for healthcare professionals to obtain the most accurate test results possible, it is equally important for patients to understand that even relatively low quality drug screening tests can result in their being denied treatment for a disease or condition they may have simply presented with a few weeks ago.

To protect both the patient and healthcare providers, states have implemented common sense requirements when it comes to the conducting of drug testing and other forms of drug screening. As is the case with most common sense requirements, this common sense requirement is also applicable in the area of pre-employment drug testing as well. In the case of employers who require random drug screenings and testing, the applicant is often given the opportunity to refuse the procedure. However, if the refusal is made, the applicant should be informed of the potential ramifications of this decision. Many states have also developed workable appeals processes for drug screening and drug testing that help to alleviate any undue hardship on the parties involved.

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