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Lyme Disease Testing

The CDC has established guidelines for interpreting antibody tests for Lyme disease. Labs that follow these guidelines typically produce more reliable analyses. In addition, timing of antibody tests is critical because antibodies develop over time. This allows doctors to take this time into account when interpreting results. In general, antibody tests can be highly accurate in assessing bacteria exposure, but they cannot make a definitive diagnosis of Lyme disease. If you’re concerned about whether you’ve been exposed to tick-borne disease, consider other tests available. Find out –

Offer Real-time Testing For Serum Samples

In general, the CDC recommends two tiers of serologic testing for Lyme disease. This includes an EIA test followed by a WB. To get a positive result, both tests must be positive or equivocal. Nonstandard tests may use fewer bands to indicate positive, or use different interpretation criteria. Eventually, they hope to offer real-time testing for serum samples. But until then, we must remain cautious.

Although positive results are indicative of a recent or past infection, they do not mean you have Lyme disease. Positive results typically occur several months or years after infection. Fortunately, there are some tests that can detect the presence of antibodies and confirm that you have been infected with Lyme. If you suspect you may have Lyme disease, make an appointment to see a physician. An infection can linger for months or even years if untreated.

ELISA and Western blot tests are used for Lyme disease testing. Both tests measure antibodies produced by the body when the B. burgdorferi bacterium is present in the body. These tests are often inaccurate, however, because antibodies take weeks to produce enough antibody to be detected. The CDC recommends using two tiers of testing for accurate diagnosis. This approach can also give false negative results. In many cases, ELISA results can be misleading and may delay treatment.

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