Leo’s Coney Island Menu & Review

If you are looking for a Greek-American dining experience, there could be no better place to seek it than in Leo’s Coney Island.

This chain of restaurants is quite known for its expansive menu of dishes coming from both classic Americana and the Greek islands with a strong focus on quality and family-friendly vibes.

About Leo’s Coney Island

Leo’s Coney Island was born from the dreams of Greek immigrants Peter and Leo Stassinopoulos. Bringing with them several recipes from their homeland, the brothers worked hard and saved enough to start their own restaurants in 1972.

Today, Leo’s is a food institution of sorts in local communities and even the home to the now-famous Greek Salad Dressing. The chain also maintains a reputation for providing affordable yet enjoyable classic dishes.


Leo’s has always about making customers feel at home and this is seen in their decor. Everything inside a Leo’s just screams of plain, unpretentious, family-friendly vibes.

As for the menu, it is quite expansive. There is a veritable list of dishes that you can order here from both American and Greek cuisine styles.

However, a must-have here is their signature Coney Island, a hotdog on a steamed bun layered with chili, mustard, onions, and cheese. There are also variations of this sandwich that you can try if you are up to it.

The service at Leo’s Coney Island is quick and reliable. Food takes a few minutes to get to your table and you should have everything you have ordered within half an hour.


The menu will be updated soon

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