How to dry and store orange slices

Oranges are one of the most delicious and healthiest fruits. This fruit is native to China and belongs to the citrus species Citrus x sinensis in the Rutaceae family. This sweet orange differs from the bitter orange which belongs to the Citrus x aurantium.  The orange is a hybrid between the mandarin and pomelo and originated in Ancient China. Orange trees usually grow well in both tropical and subtropical climates. 

Oranges can be eaten fresh or processed in a proper way for its fragrant peel or juice. Countries producing maximum orange in recent years are China, India, and Brazil. Many people think about dried orange slices and use them for later use. You can use fresh oranges in different ways, for example, making delicious recipes based on oranges like orange salads, punch, syrup, marmalade, orange beef, chicken marinade, a simple dessert, and gratin. 

Benefits of oranges

We know orange for its excellent health benefits. Many people worldwide use oranges as their favorite snack and recipe ingredients in different dishes. They include fresh orange juice as an important element of their healthy breakfast, with an aim to promote a healthy start of their day. Sweet oranges are mostly consumed than bitter oranges. The juice content in oranges with a firm and heavy size of oranges with smooth textured skin is higher than oranges with spongy or light. 

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C. People who understand the importance of consuming rich foods in Vitamin C content for reducing the possibilities of Colon Cancer can prefer oranges. This is because an orange provides 116.2% of the daily values for Vitamin C. Oranges are very helpful to get off free radicals which leads to damages to the DNA.

Eating oranges is helpful for the proper function of the immune system because of their Vitamin C content which is good for preventing recurrent ear infections and colds. Antioxidants in oranges protect the human skin from free radical damages and get rid of aging signs. Vitamin B6 in oranges keeps blood pressure under check.   

How to properly dry orange slices

People from many countries these days focus on how to dry orange slices and store such dried orange slices for a long time. This is because they cannot get fresh oranges all through the year. Once you have found the best method to dry orange slices, you have to wash and dry the orange fruit at first. 

Now, you have to slice the oranges into rings of ¼ inch thickness. Do not forget to pick the seeds. If you prefer seedless oranges in this project, then you can complete this task as quickly as possible. 

The next step is to arrange the orange slices on the dehydrator trays and set the heat to 100 degrees.  You may have an idea to increase the heat and reduce the time to dry orange slices. On the other hand, drying orange slices in the low heat is very helpful to preserve the orange oil in the rind. The oil in the orange rind is the main source of its flavor. 

The drying time of the orange slices depends on the size of the oranges. You can start checking these orange rings after the first day. Check if your oranges are crispy without any sign of moisture. You must let the orange slices cool to the room temperature prior to storing them in air-tight containers with the tight-fitting lids. 

Many people prefer the gallon-sized glass jars to store the slices. They keep the dried orange slices in cool and dark places to preserve the orange’s natural color.

You can use your sharp knife to cut oranges into slices no more than 1 cm thickness. The drying time is less when the slice of the orange is thin. It is worthwhile to insert a fork at the orange’s one end to get the best result while slicing. 

You have to place the orange slices on kitchen paper or between tea towels to blot out the additional orange juice. Remove the maximum juice possible to enhance the drying process. 

The next step is to add all slices onto a wire rack and leave them in your oven for around 2 to 3 hours to dry out well. You must turn slices often and prevent such slices from sticking to the wire rack. You can remove slices from the oven when they shrink and darken in color.   

The best methods to store the slices

Many men and women get confused with different suggestions to store the slices, they prefer airtight containers with tight lids. They must keep such containers out of the direct sunlight and other sources of heat. If they store these containers in cool and dark places, then they can use these dried orange slices for a long time. 

Benefits of dried oranges 

Health-conscious people worldwide these days include dried fruits in their regular diet. They prefer the dried orange slices as their favorite travel food and quick snacks. They make orange tea and drink this delicious tea to be energetic. They use dried orange slices for garnishing purposes. They grind the dried slices into powder and use such powder to flavor their favorite baked foods, stews, and soups.