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Hot Shot Trucking – How Does It Work?

If you’re looking for a great way to make some extra money, consider running your own hot shot trucking business. It can be a great way to work from home in your pajamas with the freedom to call it your own. Many companies look to outsource their delivery trucks and drivers because they understand that they aren’t skilled and experienced enough to handle everything on their own. Plus, running your own hotshot truck company gives you a great deal of flexibility since you can choose when you want to run a truck erratically around the block, or if you’d rather be on the interstate for an important delivery. When you’re shipping products out of state, however, you’ll want to have your own company vehicle so that you can protect both the goods you are shipping, and any cargo you may be carrying, from theft and vandalism.


Since hot shot trucking entails the transport of time-sensitive loads, you’ll want a capable truck with a strong cargo holding capacity. Since long before the age of eBay or Google, people have been placing their freight in the back of a pick-up truck or trailer. The most common form of hauling cargo this way is with part loading or piece tracking. When you’re looking for a new company, ask your current freight company if they have a preferred piece or trailer type. Some of them also have a fleet of trailers for various uses that they will depreciate and sell if they are no longer in use. You may even find that your existing freight company has a fleet of trailers that they use to service their own clients’ pickup trucks.


Some trucking companies have the ability to provide load boards which are similar to the ones you see on the back of grocery delivery trucks. Because these load boards are made from heavy duty plywood or metal, they can carry quite a bit of weight. In addition to loading supplies, hot shot trucking businesses may use them to load trucks at the receiving dock before picking up the loads. The load boards also serve as temporary workspace for drivers who need to wait on customers.

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