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Chicken Feeders

Chicken feeders are one of the most important things to purchase for your chickens, because without them your birds won’t have enough food to eat. These devices are basically holders that you can place your birds feed in so that they can readily eat. Depending on how many birds you have will determine what kind of feeder you need to buy. Also, you’ll need to consider whether you want to get a wooden feed holder or one that is made out of metal or plastic.

Choosing the Proper One For Your Flock

A chicken feeder is just the thing you use to dispense food for your chicks to eat. Of course, you can always just dispense food in a large dish or on the ground, but without a feed holder, much of that food would be wasted that way. Chickens love to scratch around and spread around the food, so chicken feeders were made to minimize this. Your birds won’t even be able to reach into the food bowl to get at the food; they’ll just yank it out because they can’t reach it.

Choke feeders are great for discouraging the young birds from taking up residence in the bird house. If you don’t have many chicken feeders in your area, then you might consider getting one or two of these choker feeders so that you’ll have one on hand for feeding time. These little chokers sit under the chook feeder, and contain a cage for the young chick before they take their first breath in the bird house. They have a retractable perch that the chicks can reach and stretch out their little bodies so that the parents can look after them while they feed. There are many chicken feeders on the market today, and some are made with specific purposes in mind, such as having the adjustable vents to allow proper air flow without making a mess.

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