A simple way on how to dry rose petals

Flowers add beauty to nature. Their color, aroma, and smoothness instills comfort in humans. Flowers, either fresh or dried, are used for decoration and cents. Among these, roses are one of the most beautiful and useful ones. Most people preserve it by drying and use for a longer duration.

Rose petals have a touch of tartness resembling citrus food. Its flavor varies according to differences in species of roses. Drying rose petals make it lively for a longer period of time. Dried rose petals find its use in holding a memory of someone, decorating the house, spreading pleasant aroma and lighting a sense of liveliness. Some people use it for garnishing dishes, while for some people it is also edible.

There are several ways to dry rose petals. This drying needs some care to allow better preserving. The best and method of drying rose petals is air drying. Air drying is an easy and natural way to dry rose petals. The simple step starts by cutting the petals gently by scissors from their bases. Then place these petals separately in a dried tray and place the tray in sunlight.

Make sure the availability of proper ventilation, warm air, and sunlight to the petals. Turn these petals upside down at regular intervals to ensure equal exposure. Then remove the tray upon drying and store these petals in a storage container. Drying is complete and we preserve the petals.

Apart from air drying, there are some other effective methods for drying rose petals. These methods include drying by freezing the petals. This method is less effective and requires proper handling.

Another way is to press the petals in a book. This is a very simple method but takes a bit longer to dry. Take a light-weighting book with coarse pages and evenly place the petals in separate pages. Coarse pages absorb better moisture. Now close the book gently to keep the petals in a fixed place.

Keep the book stored to avoid continuous opening and pressure. Open the book after 3 to 4 weeks and carefully takeout the dried petals and then store them. Some people are microwaving flowers to a certain temperature to dry them. To do this type of drying, take the rotating plate of your oven and place some paper towels in it. Now put the petals on the paper such that they are separated from one another. Now cover them with another layer of paper towels. Then microwave them for 35 to 40 seconds and carefully store them. This drying is not effective because a little extra heat will denature the petals. Lastly, drying rose petals with the help of a dehydrator is also done by some people. This too is a good method for drying but requires good care.

The best method to store dried rose petals is to wrap them in a newspaper or some other paper to restrict the presence of moisture. Place this paper in a storage jar to prevent the crushing of petals. While stacking the petals in the jar, make proper layers separated by tissues. Avoid placing the jar in damp places. If you want to keep looking at these dried petals, use a transparent humidity-free glass jar for the storage.