Day: April 16, 2021

Can Pain Relief Be Realized From Hemp Flower Extracts?Can Pain Relief Be Realized From Hemp Flower Extracts?

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Henna is a plant from the hemp family that has been used for thousands of years to make hemp flower pills and other products. Henna is a plant commonly found in India, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, China, Vietnam, and several other locations on the globe. Henna is usually confused with cannabis (THC flower/bud) but it’s not exactly the same and doesn’t create the same end product. While marijuana is most often associated with pot, hemp is more commonly associated with clothing and decoration rather than medicine or substance abuse. Although hemp flower may appear and smell similar to other THC-cannabis flower buds, their chemical make up, cannabidiol content, and Terpenes (the major components of curry) are very different.


Unlike what its name implies, hemp flower and marijuana buds are not actually grown from the hemp plants themselves; rather, they’re grown from cannabis plants that have had their stalks removed. When hemp plants grow, pollen and leaves from one of the plants are mixed with soil and planted; the resulting plant develops the desired trait – the flower. Some breeders prefer to crossbreed certain strains with different parents, producing hybrid crops that are nearly identical to each other (sometimes, to the extent that some of their traits can be changed) and thus are easier to cultivate. The result is a crop that have certain desirable qualities, but cannot be used in the production of marijuana because it contains THC, which is not allowed in this country due to concern about its long-term health effects.


Currently, there are three main types of hemp flower. The highest grade of hemp flower contains at least forty milligrams of THC, but the amount of THC present in any one hemp flower product is small relative to the amount of CBD present. Thus, the highest grades of hemp flower contain significantly lower amounts of THC than lower grades, despite the fact that CBD is present in significantly higher amounts. The lower amount of THC in the hemp flower products makes them less powerful in their anti-inflammatory and pain relief capacities, making them less desirable for use as an entourage effect in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation.…