Day: March 16, 2021

Flat Bed TrailersFlat Bed Trailers

Flat Bed Trailers is a popular mode of travel due to their great capacity to haul a variety of cargo items and their relatively low cost. These are also referred to as “Utility Vehicles” and come in a wide range of models and sizes ranging from budget-friendly models to very large custom units designed for hauling both heavy goods and people or even animals. If you are thinking of buying one of these trailers for your vehicle, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind before you make the final decision of purchasing one. These dimensions can be of great importance when it comes to determining the maximum legal freight capacity of the flatbed trailer and if you don’t care to take into consideration these dimensions when you go to select your trailer make sure you select the one that will meet your needs.

Important Tips for Flat Bed Truck Loads

The most common and popular type of flatbed trucking trailers is the flatbed trailer which has been designed with an open “flat bed” in its middle section where the goods that you wish to transport can be loaded. Most of these flatbeds are manufactured with either hydraulic or electric lift systems that are operated by a series of extendable legs on either side of the flatbed trailer which allows it to be folded into a “double drop” configuration which allows for the storage of goods above ground level. Most of these flatbed freight trailers have a capacity of not more than 8 passengers, although the height of the seats can be adjusted according to your requirements.

When it comes to the measurements for the flatbed unit, these should be in accordance with the height of the person who will be sitting in the seat and the maximum legal width 8.5 ft maximum legal freight capacity. These measurements are required to be taken of the actual trailer itself as well as the contents that you wish to load in it. There are many manufacturers that sell flatbed trailers with the most common being Freight Specialties Inc. which deals in both flatbed and extended overtime flatbed trailers. There are many other manufacturers that also sell their own products including Poulan, Wabash National, Trailmobile, Wilson, Strick, Reitnouer, Sunflow and Adaptive Equipment of America. There are many manufacturers from which you can choose, but you need to ensure that they are capable of building the type of trailer that you want to buy.